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The intellectual property practice of Chalker Flores, LLP offers extensive experience in the preparation and prosecution of patent, trademark and copyright applications (US and foreign), as well as contracts, licenses, legal opinions (non-infringement, invalidity and freedom to operate), pre-litigation counseling, trade secret protection and entertainment law.



Practice Areas

Our Firm offers extensive experience in all facets of intellectual property, from preparation, prosecution, and enforcement of (U.S. and foreign) patents, trademarks and copyrights to brand consulting and development, negotiations, contracts, licenses, legal opinions, pre-litigation counseling, trade secret strategy development and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) consulting and compliance. 
We have extensive experience in a vast array of technical areas including but not limited to: design patents numerous products (including chairs, bottle openers, clothing hanger, surgical stands, precious stone cuts, mobile phone holders and ammunition); utility patents for medical devices (including heart assist deices, DCCD, stints, pedicle screw, delivery devices, and inter-body axis cage; chemical compounds, complexes and compositions (including polymers, N-halamines compositions, asphaltene compositions, multi-thiol mercaptoalkoxysilane compositions, HEPES compositions, FRET based multiplex probes, PLGA nanoparticles, hydrogels, collagen composition, covalently functionalized particles); and mechanical devices (including ring toss games, water purification membranes, electronic battery cells, electronic textiles, laser mosquito traps,  programmable ball throwing apparatus, tapered hollow metallic micro-needles, holographic gratings, thermo-kinetic mixing; pharmaceutical compositions and treatments (including pharmaceutical and  nutritional compositions, fatty acid treatment for cardiac patients, methods of treating various diseases from heart disease to cancer); and chemical and biological agents (including  compositions isolated from bacterial strains having pesticide activity). This is by no means an all-inclusive list.
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